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Political Asylum August 31, 2009

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HELLO Hello hello ello lo o…

Well, I had an idea this morning and the realization that I haven’t blogged enough or posted on my own site in way too long.  Maybe I’m here by myself.  Sanity is in low supply nowadays and there are not as many brains in government either.

Well, I plan on changing a few things.  Too many remnants of insecurity when I was initially defining my site, but I’ll probably procrastinate again.

No, the subject of today’s post pertains to sad state of politics in this country.  The Democrats are not actually any more productive than a year ago when their approval rating was lower than Bush’s. They appear to be more productive because they spend money really fast, but they can’t really improve things overnight like all the campaign rhetoric would have had you believe.  I measure productivity in the ‘effect’ not the number of bills written and passed.  They can completely ignore the Republicans and the Republicans are only busy posturing and attacking and scrambling for scraps of influence.

It doesn’t really matter though because it is no longer about what either party accomplishes.  This country (including the Party’s, the media, the talking heads, and citizens… and non-citizens) are completely focused on bad mouthing the other side.  Liberals vs. Conservatives.  Far-left loons vs. Right-wing extremists.  Neo-this, neo-that. Blame Bush, Blame Clinton.  If the “Left” proposed the idea/solution, then the “Right” must oppose it, vice versa, etc, etc.

I am tired of it.  I’m not the only one, but I’m going to re-introduce the concept of a new direction, and to continue the working analogy of direction, I declare myself to be an Upist.  Everyone talks about progress, moving forward, hope and change.  That’s why I chose “Up”.  I want to raise the expectation of government to work for EVERYONE, not just be an avenue for abuse, corruption and finding someone else to blame, punish or pay for things.

The mascot for this new Party/direction is the Eagle (or maybe the Falcon – someone who understands and agrees with my point and is more of an expect on birds can refine which features/characteristics fit better).

Now since there are always two sides and I don’t mean to be UP-ity, the “Down-ers” can still be a positive part of the solution and be “Down to Earth” or whatever completes the picture.  No single outlook will fit every facet of society nor make everyone happy.  It is about working together.  It is about growing and working together.  Different methods work and different concerns exist at different levels of society.  There has to be communication in BOTH directions (Up and Down) of the levels of society.  The safest example I can give without starting a political fight, hopefully, would be in agriculture.  Individual farmers need to know what crops are in demand but need to have a way to balance profit so everyone doesn’t plant one crop and prevent anyone from profitting.

One of the things I wish to communicate over time is specific examples of how we argue about things that “miss the mark”.  There are problems and there are causes of those problems and then there are problems with the same way we try to solve all problems.  If I have time, national healthcare is a great example since it provides so many problems with it.  Hopefully I will start that thread soon.

Comment, argue, compliment, ramble.  Just help me get the idea going that we don’t have to keep being led by the broken two-party system.

Futile Penal Systems and the Deaf Penalty February 19, 2009

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I’ve had the flu, but the primary source of my sickness is not medical.  I’ve avoided posting because of the political-flu. Political-flew?  That’s probably more accurate, because sanity has “flew the coop” in D.C.  They are marching to a drum played with salad forks or something and I don’t have to stomach to write about it right now.  BUT while driving to work the other day, I heard an angel on the radio.  His name is Jeff Bolton.  I don’t normally listen to the radio much, but I did that morning and tuned in to the middle of him talking about New Hampshire and 9 other states working on passing legislation to fight to regain State’s Rights to mitigate the damage the Feds continue to do.  But, this article isn’t about that (for now).

On the second day of Bolton, an angel said to me lala la lala la lalalalala la laaaaa 🙂  Today Bolton was talking about the death penalty.  His “gladiator” solution is not something that would be proposed by Sheriff Joe (Or maybe it is, but one day I will read all I can and pay honor to him).

For some time I have been curious about “rehabilitation” that works and doesn’t.  At times I was conflicted about the death penalty.  Not anymore.  It is not a deed I could do myself unless someone had harmed someone I love, so maybe letting death row inmates kill each other has merit.  Maybe the best therapy would be to allow the “survivor” to fight enough battles they “lose the taste for blood”.  If they truly appear not able to deal the death blow, then maybe they aren’t guilty.

Mr Bolton refers to the absurdness of how many years inmates are on death row.  There DOES need to be absolute proof before someone is put to death.  Having a ‘history’ or ‘looking guilty’ isn’t enough.  If they are guilty of something, but not the murder they are charged with, then someone else gets away with murder.  But the advocates talk about ALL death row inmates as if there is doubt in every case.  Come on!  We aren’t talking about people who were framed.  When there are credible witnesses, video footage, and an unrepentant confession… get it over with.  Don’t waste our money proving the same thing over and over.  No bargaining for untrustworthy information about other crimes.  End it quickly so resources are free to help the “cases with doubt” in them still.

There is lack of proof ANY hard criminal is ever rehabilitated.  I would welcome hearing what has worked if that has ever happened. (Would shock therapy be “torture”?) So if a reliable deterant was provided, like say ‘death’ with no scapegoats or years of waiting to slip through the cracks, maybe the culture that teaches criminals more bad behavior could be turned around.

The other part of the problem is the judicial side, i.e. proper sentencing without plea bargaining.  I will attempt to find data to back it up, but I believe plea bargaining is a huge part of the problem and does NOT save as much court time as most would claim.  If you limit the amount of time lawyers can waste with exhausting every extreme possibility in search of a technicality… Anyway, my next point deserves its own post.