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Political Asylum August 31, 2009

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HELLO Hello hello ello lo o…

Well, I had an idea this morning and the realization that I haven’t blogged enough or posted on my own site in way too long.  Maybe I’m here by myself.  Sanity is in low supply nowadays and there are not as many brains in government either.

Well, I plan on changing a few things.  Too many remnants of insecurity when I was initially defining my site, but I’ll probably procrastinate again.

No, the subject of today’s post pertains to sad state of politics in this country.  The Democrats are not actually any more productive than a year ago when their approval rating was lower than Bush’s. They appear to be more productive because they spend money really fast, but they can’t really improve things overnight like all the campaign rhetoric would have had you believe.  I measure productivity in the ‘effect’ not the number of bills written and passed.  They can completely ignore the Republicans and the Republicans are only busy posturing and attacking and scrambling for scraps of influence.

It doesn’t really matter though because it is no longer about what either party accomplishes.  This country (including the Party’s, the media, the talking heads, and citizens… and non-citizens) are completely focused on bad mouthing the other side.  Liberals vs. Conservatives.  Far-left loons vs. Right-wing extremists.  Neo-this, neo-that. Blame Bush, Blame Clinton.  If the “Left” proposed the idea/solution, then the “Right” must oppose it, vice versa, etc, etc.

I am tired of it.  I’m not the only one, but I’m going to re-introduce the concept of a new direction, and to continue the working analogy of direction, I declare myself to be an Upist.  Everyone talks about progress, moving forward, hope and change.  That’s why I chose “Up”.  I want to raise the expectation of government to work for EVERYONE, not just be an avenue for abuse, corruption and finding someone else to blame, punish or pay for things.

The mascot for this new Party/direction is the Eagle (or maybe the Falcon – someone who understands and agrees with my point and is more of an expect on birds can refine which features/characteristics fit better).

Now since there are always two sides and I don’t mean to be UP-ity, the “Down-ers” can still be a positive part of the solution and be “Down to Earth” or whatever completes the picture.  No single outlook will fit every facet of society nor make everyone happy.  It is about working together.  It is about growing and working together.  Different methods work and different concerns exist at different levels of society.  There has to be communication in BOTH directions (Up and Down) of the levels of society.  The safest example I can give without starting a political fight, hopefully, would be in agriculture.  Individual farmers need to know what crops are in demand but need to have a way to balance profit so everyone doesn’t plant one crop and prevent anyone from profitting.

One of the things I wish to communicate over time is specific examples of how we argue about things that “miss the mark”.  There are problems and there are causes of those problems and then there are problems with the same way we try to solve all problems.  If I have time, national healthcare is a great example since it provides so many problems with it.  Hopefully I will start that thread soon.

Comment, argue, compliment, ramble.  Just help me get the idea going that we don’t have to keep being led by the broken two-party system.

Source of Swine Flu discovered May 1, 2009

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Initially, cases of the swine flu were credited to Mexico and early rumors said that is was tracked there from California.  My deep rooted, crack investigation team has tracked if farther back than that.  Yes, the first cases of swine flu can be traced to our very own Congress.  Early symptoms were increased spending and decreased debate.  Initially it was called the Pork Barrel Flu but it was renamed to deflect the origin of the problem.  Influenza is just a patsy.

Eligible Reality March 20, 2009

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Hmm, moment of insanity.  It has come to my sense of reality that the recently posted certificate may not be all that is claims.  In fact, some may claim that TwoBrain’s parents are actually John MueckBrain and Sarah PaLange. (My real mom will choke on that joke)

Some maybe draw analogy of Sanity as the love child of Conservatism and Liberalism (shudder).  Or may overextend my support/resistance to specific politicians.

In my next post, I’ll be trying to define my political dream, my desire to reach past labels, and my yearning to….  well, we’ll see.  In this post, I wanted to openly disgust, er, discuss a subject that both sides of politics are missing perspective on.

The birth certificate is a joke about a subject I find sickening in multiple ways.  A spoiler for those that have been unaware or blinded by the biased media, Obama’s citizenship has been called into question for some time now.  Some details include “grandma” saying he was born in Kenya, dual-citizenship with Britain, and having to renounce U.S. citizenship where he went to school as a kid, and no record of reapplying or establishing naturalization.

Perspective #1 (Most Democrats)

First, be aware that the first or one of the first to raise this question is a life-long Democrat that seemed to care that “all the bases were covered” on the paperwork for running for President.  This was before the primaries were finished.  Don’t dismiss him as “wanting his 15 minutes of infamous fame”.  And don’t write off the importance of details.  There are very important reasons the founders of this country put things into the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.

Second, apparently we can’t even always trust Snopes-type sites.  No matter the claim, a site name ReallyUnbiasedIndependentFactsOnly.com will not be held to legal punishments, required to correct itself or have any accountability.  Even then, people can still send pre-corrected or fake Snopes pages around in email.  There is much at stake and even independent sites can be biased.

Obama apparently was quite the Constitution expert in law school.  If there is ANY doubt to his eligibility, he should bend over backwards to make sure every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed.  I double check my tax forms and that pales in comparison to the importance of the office of the President of the United States.  It shouldn’t be all that hard for him to clear up, but he hasn’t.

It isn’t about hatred of liberal agendas, of Democrats or Obama himself, or being sore losers.  Laws are laws, rules are rules.  Just like the ballot counting in Florida in 2000 and the Electoral College, it is a sore loser/winner that complains about a rule only after it works against him, or her.

No matter what “ceiling” was broken (THAT can never be taken from him).  If we don’t care to uphold the integrity of the Constitution, then nothing means anything.  No matter how relative you think things are, or should be, there has to be a foundation that is never compromised and that Constitution is what helped this country survive this long.

Perspective #2 (Over-hopeful Conservatives)

What is the goal?  Be honest.  I’m not happy with certain realities of how Obama got elected, but we have to live with imperfect systems.  I was afraid to hope this thing was true before the election was over.  At least then it would have impacted the actual votes cast.  No one, no matter their claim of proof, can say what would happen if Obama is proved not to be President.  Your hope and assumption is that the election would be overturned and given to McCain.  By farthest stretch, they would have to hold a new election, but likely it would fall to Biden.  Now without knowing anything about his positions or history at the time, Biden’s convention speech impressed me, but the joke about Palin getting more votes for Mayor than Biden got in the primaries sticks in my head.  Would Democrats really choose to WANT him as President-by-default? Would very low approval ratings in Congress on top of chaos in the White House be more than this country could handle?

Perspective #3 (Sanity’s fear of the implications)

Well… I always hesitate on fear mongering, conspiracy theories, etc, but this country is on an edge right now.  There are many tensions that rose to higher levels during the election including war related, economy, racial, gay rights, and even states (or many groups in states) talking of seceding.  For the first black man to be elected President in the U.S., even if he willingly was removed from office, I see a lot of trouble breaking out and quickly escalating to something this country has never dealt with.  Obama supporters would feel cheated and robbed if Obama is removed.  Others would feel cheated if he weren’t.  Even if Obama was guilty, his supporters would resist and attack on the grounds of the “dream” being attacked.

If there is any truth in these allegations, the DNC would suffer irreputable damage by not having caught it themselves, and the whole system would lack integrity if it was brushed off as unimportant.  It is important to many that there be some integrity in the process, even if “our guy” doesn’t win.

Heck!  I would even support locking Republicans out of a re-election.  If most Americans were demanding “change”, then hold a new election based on current Party alignments and leave the Republicans out.  Allow Third Parties a better chance, but if the Majority truly wants “Democrat” and not just “not another Republican”, they it should be an easy win with fuller support.  It won’t happen, of course, because neither major Party would truly risk the monopoly they trade back and forth.

Anyway, that’s my conscience on Obama’s eligibility.  If the country does start disbanding, I know what side of the Great Wall of Texas I’ll be on.

Proof of Sanity’s Citizenship March 4, 2009

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As this site was created on January 23, 2009, and Sanity’s first recorded existence has been lost in the ether of the net, I have decided to establish proof of my existence.  (If you are not aware of the events this ‘humor’ is aimed at, you are on your own.

It is on the internet, so you must believe it

It is on the internet, so you must believe it

Republican Weight Loss Program March 4, 2009

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Are you tired of that bloated legislative feeling? Feeling over taxed?
Worried about that growing waste line? Uncontrollable spending urges?

Then try my new 42-step program: San-eat-y.  Guaranteed to add juicy vote-ables to your diet for a leaner party platform to stand on.  No point system to compromise on.  Just a good foundation of principles you can be proud of.  And each meal is PORK free!

Sound too good to be true.  It might take 2 years to see results? Or 4? But let’s not take 8 years to solve this problem.

Over time I will lay out a plan of sites and material to guide us all, from beginner to experienced, to become more aware of what needs fixin’, how to do it, who to support, and where, why and what ever other questions need to be included.  I’ll share discoveries of efforts that encourage me when the political forecast is scary, and I invite others to help create a guide to prepare for future elections.  Please don’t just drop names and sites and leave it at that.  Or point to a politician’s own website (but do include it with supportive material).  We need to focus on what works and why, and what doesn’t work.  We need more than the maintenance programs that government current supplies (using the same “patch it and ignore it” solutions expecting different results).

If I had a hammer… February 27, 2009

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(Who knows how dangerous I’d be if I had the guts to sing this and make a You Tooby-type video)

Inspired by original song “If I had a hammer (The Hammer Song)” by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger

IF I HAD A PLATFORM (The Politics Song)
music by Lee Hays and Pete Seeger
new words by Sanity TwoBrain

If I had a platform
I’d hammer out solutions
I’d hammer out policies
All over this land
I’d hammer out anger
I’d hammer out the warring
I’d hammer out peace between the donkeys and the el’phants
All over this land

If I had a Party
It would have integrity
And tri-partisan support
All over this land
It would stand for hard work
And for strong family
It would encourage all the citizens and the visitors
All over this land

If I had a voice
I’d use it on the internet
I’d use it in the elections
All over this land
I’d use it against hatred
I’d speak out a warning
I’d speak to the people, all my brothers and my sisters
All over this land

Well I’ve got a voice
And I’ve got a vote
And I’ve got a song to sing
All over this land
It’s the voice of Sanity
It’s the vote of confidence
It’s the song about hope for my brothers and my sisters
All over this land

Book Club: Myth of a Christian Nation : Chapter 2 February 11, 2009

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OK, I am not done with this chapter, but I am struggling with it.  The focus of the chapter seems to be a perspective on who rules this world, who rules God’s kingdom, and our servant purpose in this world.

Up front, I struggle with knowing when to turn things over to God, preferring to accomplish things to overcome feelings of inadequacy.  We aren’t meant to be couch potatoes, but when are we to take action and when to trust His plan?  Before I continue, let me relay excerpts of what bothered me… (I typed the best I could while listening to the audio version)

“The kingdom of God advances by people lovingly placing themselves under others, in service to others, at cost to themselves.  This “coming under” doesn’t mean followers of Jesus conform to other people’s wishes but it does mean we always interact with others with their best interests in mind…. We are to do nothing from selfish ambition nor conceit but in humility regard others as better than ourselves.  We are to not look to our own interests but to the interests of others. Philippians 2:3-4  We are to not seek our own advantage but that of the other. 1 Corinthians 10:24  …. in serving them in any way we can… ”

1.  I understand the servant role, but when are we to lead and when to serve?  I struggled at one job where I reluctantly stepped up to a management role to fill a void.  I was fired for reasons I am proud of, because I would not treat those under me as the type of leader the CEO was trying to groom me to be.  It was the very day after being fired that I attended a Men’s Breakfast at church, and was reminded on the term “Servant leader” which explained how I was trying to be, and brought me great comfort, opposite of the “whip” I was supposed to use.

2. The author seems to emphasize that Satan rules this world, so therefore, if we are servants, how are we to serve Satan’s “interests” without violating God’s purpose for us? Are we to regard his servants as better than us? To seek their advantage? Are all Christians to never prosper over non-Christians?  This makes my head hurt, because there has to be a time us to lead, or prosper, but still “be a good example”?

3. A short way farther into this chapter is mention of the Sword and got me thinking about the Armor of God.  Part of that armor is the “Sword of the spirit”.  Are we to “turn the other cheek” until the rest of the armor is so damaged that the Sword is the only defense left? A sword can be used in defense and in attack. We certainly should be careful not to attack when unnecessary, but where should we draw the line?

Again, this speaks to my resistance to turning things over to God.  In reflection, I desire to, but “in the moment of decision” it is a personal struggle to remember to do it.

Book Club: Myth of a Christian Nation February 4, 2009

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I am actually guilty of buying this book based a faulty assumption on the title.  The card containing the code for downloading the audio version did not have the advantage of allowing a quick scan of the book’s intent.  If I had, I probably would have skipped this one.  The title is not, as I hoped, a twist of meaning to defend the influence of Christianity during the founding of this country.  Nor does it appear that it will go into any history of the country.

I just started listening, but hope it goes somewhere substantial.  The introduction paints a picture of excuses not to, as a church, get involved in politics.  Some reviews summarize intent as warnings about when a “church gets too close to any political or national ideology”.  There are valid points in remembering not to place country BEFORE God, and I will always agree God comes first.

My problem with the direction this warning appears to take is avoidance.  I understand somewhat that a church cannot flatly say “Vote for Joe the Plumber”.  But a church leader is supposed to teach and guide the congregation.  Secular Progressives are blurring the lines and leading Christian followers to accepting ‘softer’ more tolerant definitions or marriage, of sex (Thank you Bill Clinton), and equating tolerance not only with acceptance but also approval of things that contradict the Word of God.  This is where the author of this book loses opportunity to teach biblical perspective on political issues.  Where should a Christian stand on the death penalty, welfare, national security and all the other hot topics in government?  Teach not to idolize a party and to not “hate” the opponent, but teach about responsibility, accountability, integrity, and compassion.

I have just started this (audio) book and hope it answers my concerns.  Feel free to “spoil the ending” and share insight on this topic whether you have read this book or not.  The origin and intent of “separation of Church and State” has been perverted.  I pray this author is not advocating the turning over of governing completely over to secular hands.  To stand idly by and let certain activist attempts to erase all evidence of Christian influence from public eye cannot be part of our calling as Christians.

Keep the Electoral College, Change the Voting System January 30, 2009

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If third parties want to have a chance to help this country, and not just help the greater of two evils get in office, they need to stop playing the game by the two party system.  Success has no solid foundation built from “teaching the RNC a lesson”.  I cannot come even close to defending the Electoral College in comparison toDavid Barton’s article “Electoral College: Preserve or Abolish”so I won’t try.  The purpose of this article outlines the misplaced efforts of third parties and an option to prove things can change. (more…)