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Please share topics, ideas, news events, or other blogs articles that you would like to get a TwoBrain perspective on.  You may also share advice, wisdom and humor, but don’t mumble or expect me to keep a repository of every joke email that goes around.  The humor I share will primarily be my own or of the same quality (obvious retorts to that statement will be accidentally removed).

I MAY publish new posts based on your own material (Guest Authors) if it is complete enough to do so as long as it is in sync with my vision for this website.  Requests may be made to keep comments or contributions anonymous, or to be edited or partially/fully removed.

Accountability to anything I say/do is appreciated (but I may correct the injustice and deny it’s importance or existence after the fact).  I will not be offended by pointing out typos, factual errors or exclusions.  I will also appreciate the pointing out of content or activities on other sites that I give mention too, but I will decide the relevance to what I care about.

Contributions or challenges will be added to my To-Do List but will not be acted on in any given order.

Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to comment and even the oldest of threads.


1. skinny - March 12, 2009

You interested in joining a website? I’m looking for more editors… nothing too demanding. Simply doing what you’re doing already. We’re in the process of switching on the new server. It’s up and running, now we just need to get the software running. I ask because you already share the same opinion of me and the owner. We both disagree on Obama, but don’t want a hate website bashing Obama 24-7… I know you’d make a good fit.

We’re using wordpress as well, so we could copy over everything… and since we’ll be hosting our own site… the skies the limit. You can even have your own page called Sanity. (It’d fit nicely between Distortion and Serendipity… Our more liberal editor Kwawk runs Serendipity. The Serendipity/Sanity idea had me rolling)

Let me know if you’d be interested. I’m currently filtering through a couple others editorial possiblities for Sports, Video Games, Movies and SciTech… everybody’s free to post wherever they’d like, however I’m going to assign one editor for each page (and down the road, more for sections like politics, sports and movies). The page editors will ultimately have the final decision of what passes on their page.

Limitless space, continuously upgrading software and tools… we’ll also be setting up our own mail server down the road too. Of course it all takes baby steps and patience… but we’ll get there. We’ve already hit a Google 3 ranking and we haven’t even been up a year yet… and once we get the server going, we’ll work harder on promoting the site and hopefully some advertising to help cover the overhead.

No pressure. Just thought I’d offer. i’ll see ya around either way.

– skinny

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