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Rules of MY Road

Teaching the Truth in Love (Inspired by Ephesians 4:15. Thoughts prompted when listening to a song by this title as sung by Acappella.)

Partial lyrics:  Are we teaching the truth in love, telling it like it is?  Are we holding pure motives, showing that we care?

Why do I start off with that? Intent.  I often hear retorts/accusations, to myself or others with strong feelings on a subject or strong beliefs, that they are indicating superiority or being judgmental or intolerant.  The intent here is to learn and grow, not prove I’m better than anyone else.

Rules of my blog:

1. I am always right. Pause. Read it again. Pause. If I am wrong, you have a chance to convince me why.  If done correctly (and you actually are right), then I will change my mind and thereafter be RIGHT.  I may be wrong on YOUR site/blog, but not mine.  Live with it.  I don’t flip-flop or sway easily.  No one should.  It ain’t worth fighting for it you don’t strongly believe it is correct and important.

2. Humor is allowed.  Don’t take everything so seriously.

C. Constructive criticism, critique, opinion, and warnings of abusive behavior are always welcome, but I decide what represents my site, and avoiding topics/opinions that will hurt a reader is THAT reader’s responsibility to STOP READING or share reasons for their perspective.

4. Reviving old topics are always welcome. I may move a comment as the start of a new thread (and will try to note that event). Supportive (or counter-point) links, articles and even “Guest Authors” are welcome at my discretion.

V. “Don’t stand in front of a moving vehicle”  Meaning, argue all you want, but recognize reasonable limits on taunts, attacks and language.

6. Any editing, and partial/complete deletion of your comments is not meant to insult anyone in anyway. It is a courtesy to make you look smarter than you think you are 🙂 or to remove content that has little value to others.  (Do you think free storage grows on binary trees?) (Corollary – Break my rules and I may ADD typos and crazy talk to your comments)

7. This is NOT a family blog or employer associated blog.  If you are family or a coworker, “What happens on the blog, stays on the blog”.  Age and relationship have no seniority here.  Everyone has experiences you can learn from.

10. Yes, there are rules missing from this list.  I appreciate accountability to my own rules, but this list is complete enough for you to figure out the rest.

Thank you.


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