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Hearing Empowered 2.0 April 23, 2009

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I’ve been receiving emails from Grassfire for some time, and have been blogging on other sites, plus my own I created this year. I am curious how much of Grassfire is… “non-liberal”. But my comments are not strictly for conservatives.

The thing I see when I group my Grassfire emails over time is that things tend to be reactive rather than proactive. I WANT to be corrected if I am wrong, but don’t misunderstand my view. Conservatives are most definitely being attacked from multiple directions so I am not invalidating the need to fight ridiculous stuff such as being labeled as a terrorist for disagreeing with the administration. But what has worked or prevented these attacks in the past?

From my perspective, too many people are talking and attacking and not enough people are listening. The Republicans are scrambling and there are too many names being tossed around for me to keep track of who is worth keeping track of for the future of the party. As valuable as many of the Grassfire actions are, I would like to suggest a focus on proactive, constructive ‘guidance’ either for the Republicans or for a third party to replace them. Defending our rights is great, but it is also important to define our goals, contribute plans and establishing credibility that has been lost in empty campaign promises and squabbling. Yes, we need our voices heard, but we also have to listen to the criticism and attacks to analyze how we can become stronger.

Now, I have weaknesses. I will never vote 3rd party unless I know there is a chance to win, not just split the vote for the other guy/gal to win. I am also a skeptic on “writing your congressmen” things (but I’m working on it). What I have tried to do is mobilize methods that would show more of America that a 3rd party COULD get enough votes, by having a 3rd party-only primary before the other primaries. Just like Ron Paul ran AS a Republican, this new primary would select a conservative AND a liberal candidate to run as a Republican and Democrat, respectively. This would give “We the People” the power to define the Party’s rather than be presented with a limited pool of people the Party wants to support. (I would also fight for a new voting system, like IRV, that removes the damage of more than two people running and splitting the vote.)

But I have not the influence or voice to have gotten anywhere… yet. I admire some of the third parties but they seem to be so uncompromising that is better to lose to someone they totally disagree with than support someone they mostly agree with.