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Welcome to my sand box.  The TwoBrain blog is an outside-the-box multi-dimensional blog covering political issues, religious subjects, and random ideas, thoughts, humor and perspective. The goal here is to share ideas, and encourage constructive, optimistic communication, but to have fun doing it also.  Everything has humor potential, so expect moments of inSanity.  Every argument has two sides and so do I, along with two (or more) personalities.  Below, you will be introduced to both primary personalities.
When I first decided to create this playground, I intended to be fair even to the ‘side’ I generally disagree with or to be neutral.  That doesn’t work.  I care to learn from ideas regardless of origin, but I am a conservative.  With political analogy having the Liberal Left and Conservative Right, my best analogy is that I have chosen the road to the Right.  I care to constructively but critically discuss ideas along that road and how best to travel on that road.  I have as yet found no one from the Left road that can effectively communicate their worldview to me, so I just don’t care to focus on that road.  The Left is welcome to contribute to making the Right road better, but if you want to create potholes, take a detour to some other site.
Now, is everything on this site going to be upbeat and avoid criticizing liberal ideas and goals? No.  I find it too easy to find humor it anything and even easier to find it at the expense of the Left.  I only promise to avoid full-time bashing of the Left.

Attempts are made to acknowledge material, sites, and people who influence or contribute to this site or it’s worldview, but I have no goal to argue the original author of any quotes or ideas, but rather I will try to acknowledge where I found the material.  Nor will I declare complete support or agreement with all content on other sites.

Though I will rarely bother, I reserve the right to partially edit, spell check or remove any content that may bore myself or other readers.

Personality #1:  (The one that didn’t grow up)
Welcome to the site of Sanity TwoBrain, a.k.a. Sanity’s T.W.O.B.R.A.I.N. (The World Of Balancing Rhetoric And Intellect… Nnneeee!)

I was born a poor single brain.  Logical but naive.  Then I was split by indecision, of two minds, about many things.  And then there were blogs and it was good (mostly).  Embarking on a mission of intellectual expansion, my convictions grew strong, though I was still humble to know there is more to consider.  I saw extreme opinions and little recognition of merit from the other side of the argument.  Henceforth, I called myself Sanity, to introduce a middle ground of open-mindedness.  Sometimes picking sides, sometimes thinking outside the box for a new perspective, and sometimes giving a slap of reality.  Willing to entertain many talking points.  All in the name of a little Sanity.

(And always on the lookout for a biological defrag tool)

May Sanity have a positive effect on your day.

Personality #2: (The one that grew up too fast)

So, actually, I am a product of the midwest, moved to Texas and found my roots in the Bible Belt.  Married since 1995, one adopted son born in 2005. Attend Baptist or Baptist-leaning churches, but consider myself a Christian, not a limited flavor of one.  Socially and politically conservative.  Inherited stubbornness from both sides of my family, so I stand my ground (see my Rules of MY Road page).  Have a B.S. in C.S. from Bradley University.  Questionable sense of humor.  No military experience, but now regret not having done so earlier in life (God bless our troops).  I dream of writing Christian and/or education games/software some day, but I haven’t won the lottery or rescued a billionaire from certain death, so I fit that in when I can.

Other major issues of life:

My name is….. John Lange, though I will go by John, Sanity, TwoBrain, or “Hey, you!”.  Don’t call me Sir, I work for a living.


1. dakan - January 24, 2009

So, if you are two brains, then someone in this world is short a brain. Wait that actually explains a lot.

Just be careful not to lose your mind, then you’ll be down to one brain.

Good luck. Considering the ecosystem of the internet, you will find warm fuzzy fish, and cold and toothy fish. Just be sure and eat what you catch, or release it so that they can learn from their mistakes. We are responsible fisherman around here.

Best Wishes on the new Blog.

2. Reaganite - January 25, 2009

I like Dakan’s analogy: can I be a toothy fish? Please remember though Sanity we need to be open and objective to all points of view or there will be those who see you/us as insensitive.

(I just erped)

Indeed, best of luck resource hog ;~)

3. Mommyme - January 31, 2009

Sanity!!!!!!! The fact that you have two brains explains a lot – mom always said…………..:-) Just wondering, when you get a headache does it hurt twice as bad? Will you volunteer to be the donor for my lobotomy next year? I know the one I have is wearing out and am assuming both of yours are in excellent operating condition. Anyway, hope the family is well – we all are, just busier than should be allowed. Oh well, keeps me going! HUGS!!!!!!

twobrain - January 31, 2009

I will make arrangements in my will, but sadly there is a symbiotic relationship between the two brains (and a containment field for a possibly contageous mental disorder) I won’t be responsible for what happens. “cats and dogs living together…”

4. gerdo2 - January 31, 2009

Howdy do Sanity. All the best to you and yours.

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