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Color Blind, Hearing Empowered March 25, 2009

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I have to admit a lack of optimism since the election. Not long before the primaries of 2008 started, I started blogging for the first time.  Hey, I had moved all my music from cassette tapes to an MP3 player, so I finally started exploring the social aspects of the Internet.  The new forum (new to me) allowed me to grow in way an introvert would never grow via live debates.  Of the many areas my curiosity grew wild was to finally try to understand politics.  At most I had ever cared about voting for the President once the choices had been narrowed down.  One dilemma arose: the more I learned, the more there was to learn, more people to track, and more half-truths to filter.  Both sides, in theory, had positions that I could agree with.  Both sides shared an aptitude for broken promises, deceit, not admitted mistakes, childish games, etc.  And the level of scrutiny, also riddled with half-truths, deceit, etc., was raised to a level that not one historic ‘leader’ would measure up.

Among the things that blogging showed me, most people are guilty of being too forgiving of “their side”, overly critical of the “other side”, and the art of constructive criticism is in very short supply.  Being aware of these inconvenient truths, I try even harder to remain open-minded without being easily swayed from my foundation.  The only time I may be wrong on my website is when someone does not challenge my perspective.  I may have been wrong, but if a healthy argument has happened, my position can be changed, but henceforth, I am again right.  Lately, healthy arguments have been less frequent.  Automatic defenses of the current party in power illicit responses such as “so-and-so did that too”, “that can’t be true”, “he has only been in office…”, and my least favorite “You only feel that way because you don’t like the guy.”  None of these tactics has convinced me to reverse my position.  One does not ‘win’ an argument, by excluding opinions purely due to not being aligned with the same political party.  Some of the more energetic exchanges tend to label people as racist for daring to question our new leader.  Regardless of family lineage, I equate certain derogatory racial terms with attitude, not skin color, so, my prejudices have no conventional tie with racial history.

So, with my effort and interest, I thought I would experience joy of “having an effect” and how “everyone’s vote counts”, but the Democrats have control of the White House, and both sides of Congress, and I have had no effect on interacting with third parties.  Where does that leave those that disagree with the paths they choose? Note: The stated question includes Independents, Libertarians and other third parties, AND Democrats who are not acting like kids in an unsupervised candy store.

Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…”

The Republicans had power and lost it. Everything has cycles, so it isn’t as if Democrats would never have majority again, but obviously ‘the People’ lost confidence in the RNC.  From my perspective, there are signs that those in power are ignoring Republicans, excluding them, and may be gloating about it.  Should the Republicans admit defeat and be content with commentary and criticism from the back seat? I say no.

George W. Bush suffered a huge volume of destructive criticism during his presidency.  Attempting to be “slow to speak, quick to listen”, I always asked the following: Why was a certain action bad?  How do you measure/monitor the effect of a decision? What should have been done instead with the knowledge at the time of the decision? What should be done from the current circumstances? (Rarely, if ever, do I get those answers)

Given the diminished position of power, where do we go?

  1. Servant leadership – Establish who knows ‘what’ to do, by seeing them doing it themselves.
  2. Reasonable accountability – No one is righteous. Know what to forgive and what to ignore.  A “plank in the eye” is usually warped and blocks ones hearing.  An opponent may criticize our leaders, but their leaders are usually guilty of the same criticism, so listen, set the bar higher and show progress by acknowledging and learning from mistakes.
  3. Micro-manage – National fixes rarely find their targets without a lot of waste.  Help the macro-changes find the little guys/gals that need the help.  If money is falling from the sky, the 10th floor exec has a better chance of benefiting than the single story mom-and-pop shop.
  4. Minimize the damage – We may not agree with the plan but we use it to our advantage by minimizing the waste and demonstrating who is actually fixing things with the piles of money.
  5. Regain trust – Things do need to change. Politics is riddle with stereotypes, a majority of which are not flattering.  Sing about accomplishments, share what works with other communities, and give people more of a choice than the “lesser of two evils”.
  6. Compromise on policy, not principle – There can be many ways to accomplish the same goal, as long as the goal is consistent. Don’t move the target to appease the last complaint received.

Eligible Reality March 20, 2009

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Hmm, moment of insanity.  It has come to my sense of reality that the recently posted certificate may not be all that is claims.  In fact, some may claim that TwoBrain’s parents are actually John MueckBrain and Sarah PaLange. (My real mom will choke on that joke)

Some maybe draw analogy of Sanity as the love child of Conservatism and Liberalism (shudder).  Or may overextend my support/resistance to specific politicians.

In my next post, I’ll be trying to define my political dream, my desire to reach past labels, and my yearning to….  well, we’ll see.  In this post, I wanted to openly disgust, er, discuss a subject that both sides of politics are missing perspective on.

The birth certificate is a joke about a subject I find sickening in multiple ways.  A spoiler for those that have been unaware or blinded by the biased media, Obama’s citizenship has been called into question for some time now.  Some details include “grandma” saying he was born in Kenya, dual-citizenship with Britain, and having to renounce U.S. citizenship where he went to school as a kid, and no record of reapplying or establishing naturalization.

Perspective #1 (Most Democrats)

First, be aware that the first or one of the first to raise this question is a life-long Democrat that seemed to care that “all the bases were covered” on the paperwork for running for President.  This was before the primaries were finished.  Don’t dismiss him as “wanting his 15 minutes of infamous fame”.  And don’t write off the importance of details.  There are very important reasons the founders of this country put things into the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.

Second, apparently we can’t even always trust Snopes-type sites.  No matter the claim, a site name ReallyUnbiasedIndependentFactsOnly.com will not be held to legal punishments, required to correct itself or have any accountability.  Even then, people can still send pre-corrected or fake Snopes pages around in email.  There is much at stake and even independent sites can be biased.

Obama apparently was quite the Constitution expert in law school.  If there is ANY doubt to his eligibility, he should bend over backwards to make sure every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed.  I double check my tax forms and that pales in comparison to the importance of the office of the President of the United States.  It shouldn’t be all that hard for him to clear up, but he hasn’t.

It isn’t about hatred of liberal agendas, of Democrats or Obama himself, or being sore losers.  Laws are laws, rules are rules.  Just like the ballot counting in Florida in 2000 and the Electoral College, it is a sore loser/winner that complains about a rule only after it works against him, or her.

No matter what “ceiling” was broken (THAT can never be taken from him).  If we don’t care to uphold the integrity of the Constitution, then nothing means anything.  No matter how relative you think things are, or should be, there has to be a foundation that is never compromised and that Constitution is what helped this country survive this long.

Perspective #2 (Over-hopeful Conservatives)

What is the goal?  Be honest.  I’m not happy with certain realities of how Obama got elected, but we have to live with imperfect systems.  I was afraid to hope this thing was true before the election was over.  At least then it would have impacted the actual votes cast.  No one, no matter their claim of proof, can say what would happen if Obama is proved not to be President.  Your hope and assumption is that the election would be overturned and given to McCain.  By farthest stretch, they would have to hold a new election, but likely it would fall to Biden.  Now without knowing anything about his positions or history at the time, Biden’s convention speech impressed me, but the joke about Palin getting more votes for Mayor than Biden got in the primaries sticks in my head.  Would Democrats really choose to WANT him as President-by-default? Would very low approval ratings in Congress on top of chaos in the White House be more than this country could handle?

Perspective #3 (Sanity’s fear of the implications)

Well… I always hesitate on fear mongering, conspiracy theories, etc, but this country is on an edge right now.  There are many tensions that rose to higher levels during the election including war related, economy, racial, gay rights, and even states (or many groups in states) talking of seceding.  For the first black man to be elected President in the U.S., even if he willingly was removed from office, I see a lot of trouble breaking out and quickly escalating to something this country has never dealt with.  Obama supporters would feel cheated and robbed if Obama is removed.  Others would feel cheated if he weren’t.  Even if Obama was guilty, his supporters would resist and attack on the grounds of the “dream” being attacked.

If there is any truth in these allegations, the DNC would suffer irreputable damage by not having caught it themselves, and the whole system would lack integrity if it was brushed off as unimportant.  It is important to many that there be some integrity in the process, even if “our guy” doesn’t win.

Heck!  I would even support locking Republicans out of a re-election.  If most Americans were demanding “change”, then hold a new election based on current Party alignments and leave the Republicans out.  Allow Third Parties a better chance, but if the Majority truly wants “Democrat” and not just “not another Republican”, they it should be an easy win with fuller support.  It won’t happen, of course, because neither major Party would truly risk the monopoly they trade back and forth.

Anyway, that’s my conscience on Obama’s eligibility.  If the country does start disbanding, I know what side of the Great Wall of Texas I’ll be on.

Proof of Sanity’s Citizenship March 4, 2009

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As this site was created on January 23, 2009, and Sanity’s first recorded existence has been lost in the ether of the net, I have decided to establish proof of my existence.  (If you are not aware of the events this ‘humor’ is aimed at, you are on your own.

It is on the internet, so you must believe it

It is on the internet, so you must believe it

Republican Weight Loss Program March 4, 2009

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Are you tired of that bloated legislative feeling? Feeling over taxed?
Worried about that growing waste line? Uncontrollable spending urges?

Then try my new 42-step program: San-eat-y.  Guaranteed to add juicy vote-ables to your diet for a leaner party platform to stand on.  No point system to compromise on.  Just a good foundation of principles you can be proud of.  And each meal is PORK free!

Sound too good to be true.  It might take 2 years to see results? Or 4? But let’s not take 8 years to solve this problem.

Over time I will lay out a plan of sites and material to guide us all, from beginner to experienced, to become more aware of what needs fixin’, how to do it, who to support, and where, why and what ever other questions need to be included.  I’ll share discoveries of efforts that encourage me when the political forecast is scary, and I invite others to help create a guide to prepare for future elections.  Please don’t just drop names and sites and leave it at that.  Or point to a politician’s own website (but do include it with supportive material).  We need to focus on what works and why, and what doesn’t work.  We need more than the maintenance programs that government current supplies (using the same “patch it and ignore it” solutions expecting different results).